The Russian OOB – Montmirail

The research for the Russian OOB is largely done already by Louis Berlange’s outstanding website.

I checked as many other sources as I could readily locate, and basically made some strength estimates of around 500 men per battalion.  I like 18-figure battalions, as 3 stands allows for easy identification of units in Line, Column and Square.  That means 2 ranks of 3 figures for each stand, which allows me to put a Standard in the center of the French and Prussian battalions, and then an officer and standards on each side of him for the Russian foot.  It puts me at 28 men per figure, and I like to be close to 3 figures per 100.

So on to the Russian OOB.  This is based on Sacken’s OOB as shown in official records for January 2, 1814.

Overall Command:  Lt. Gen. Osten-Sacken + 2 ADCs (Note that the highest level of command has 2 ADCs on his stand, next level 1 ADC, and lowest level just the mounted Leader)
Chief of Staff:  Colonel Benançon
Quarter Master: Colonel Count Rochechouart.
Artillery Command: Maj. Gen. Nikitine.
(The Chief of Staff will be used as ADCs and additional command to assist with Morale in the Carnage & Glory II rules)

VI Infantry Corps – Lt. Gen. Prince Stcherbatov

7th Infantry Division – Maj. Gen. Talyzin
Pskov Regt (all Foot Regts are 1 Bn only unless noted)
Moscow Regt
Sophie Regt
Libau Regt
11th Jager Regt
36th Jager Regt

18th Infantry Division – Maj. Gen. Bernadesov
Vladimir Regt
Dniepr Regt
Tambov Regt
Kostroma Regt
28the Jager Regt
32nd Jager Regt

XI Infantry Corps – Maj. Gen. von Lieven III + ADC

10th Infantry Division – Maj. Gen. Sass
Jaroslav Regt
Crimea Regt
Bialostok (2 batallions)
8th Jager Regt
9e Jager Regt

16th Infantry Division (part) – Colonel Selivanov
Okhotsk Regt
Kamtchatka Regt

27th Infantry Division – Maj Gen Stavitzki
Odessa Regt
Vilna Regt
Teraspol Regt
Simbirsk Regt
49th Jager Regt
50th Jager Regt

Cavalry Corps – Lt Gen Vasiltchikov + ADC

2nd Hussar Division (each Regt is 12 figs) – Maj. Gen. Lanskoï
Achtirsk Hussar Regt
Marienpol Hussar Regt
White Russian Hussar Regt
Alexander Hussar Regt

3rd Dragoon Division (each Regt is 12 figs) – Maj. Gen. Pantchouliechev II
Courlande Dragoon Regt
Smolensk Dragoon Regt
Tver Dragoon Regt
Kinburn Dragoon Regt
Horse Battery No. 18 (10 guns – 2 to 3 stands)

Cossacks under Maj. Gen. Karpov (not present – off doing whatever Cossacks do)

Artillery (12 guns each – 3 to 4 stands)
Heavy Batteries (12 pdr) – Nos 10, 13, 18
Light Batteries (6 pdr) – Nos 24, 28, 34, 35


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