French & Indian Wars – 28mm

THIS PROJECT IS CURRENTLY FOR SALE – everything in the project is shown.

Once I get all the things I want to sell posted, I will put out a notice and see who is interested.  I don’t have an asking price yet, but I’ve tried to estimate the cost to do each project from scratch, not necessarily what I will accept.

I prefer to sell all at once if I can.I can’t hardly remember when I started this.  I remember running into the Conquest booth at Historicon in PA and loved the figures.  I undertook to buy every release for several years, but had to buy some Blue Moon so I would have British Regulars, which Conquest did not have at the time.  Some of the best painting jobs I’ve ever commissioned out.

These figures are primarily 28mm from Conquest Miniatures.  There are also some larger figures (I believe Blue Moon) that I bought for the British Regulars, which Conquest did not have at the time I originally did this project.  These figures were all Dullcote, but have been played with, and as a result a few need a little touch up as shown.  One figure needs a base, and all need flocking of their bases, etc.

I’d estimate the cost to complete this project today would be about $7/foot and $13.50/mounted.  This includes current lead cost from Conquest website (Blue Moon probably cheaper lead) and the current painting cost from Fernando.  Plus there is some for shipping regarding initial order and to and from Sri Lanka.


Campagnies Franches de la Marine (31 figures)

Colonial Settlers (19 figures)

Colonial Militia (7 figures)

Special Colonial Characters (7 figures)

Frontiersmen (13 figures)

Colonial Rangers (11 figures)

Woodlands Indians (Set 1 – 34 figures)


Woodlands Indians (Set 2 – 34 figures)

Indians on Horses (3 figures)


These figures are probably Blue Moon.  They are larger – as shown here – and now that Conquest has released more figures, Regulars, etc, I would use those instead of these.  That said, these are painted well, and have facing and flags of some historical regiment, but I’ve forgotten which one.

Conquest vs Blue Moon SizeIMG_9413

British Regulars (33 figures – all flags shown are included, including the large flag shown at the end that I intended to use for a fort or outpost)

There are others from Blue Moon, some Indians, some Settlers, etc (29 figures)

Finally I have some unpainted odds and ends and a cow without a base.IMG_9424