Napoleon in Italy

RIVOLI – MillenniumCon 16

I ran another game of Rivoli in Austin last weekend at MillenniumCon 16.  This is the third Con we done this.  First time was Rivoli sans most of the cavalry.  Second time it was really Suvorov’s 1799 OOB against the French Rivoli OOB.  This time is was the French Rivoli OOB with a few extra French horse and two Polish Legion battalions verses the Austrian Rivoli OOB with five Russian Musketeer Regiments (2 Bns each) and a few Cossacks added.  Big game, lots of fun.  Carnage & Glory II rules, which are just better every time we use them.  I should have my Austrian Hussars and Uhlans finished within the month and at that point I’m done I think.  Perhaps I need a few Russian guns and one or two 12pdr Austrian batteries, but that would be it.

All figures are Eureka Miniatures, aside from a few leaders and the Polish Legion, which is Trent Miniatures.

Here are a few photos –


French Hussars and Dragoons charge Austrian foot batteries


Austrian Line move up for the attack in Line formation


Occupying the town, guns in the square


Austrian Jagers on the left, and Austrian 3pdrs face French Hussars and Dragoons


A look at Joubert’s Division as he awaits the outcome of the French cavalry charge


Rey’s Division and the assembled French grand battery


The advance of the Austrian Right Wing begins


Austrian V Column up closes


Rey’s Division launches his counterattack against the Austrian right


French Hussars charge yet another Austrian 3pdr battery


Watching the Austrian V Column and Rey’s Division converge on one another


Joubert’s Division moves forward after the successful French cavalry charges clear the front


Immediately prior to the step off of Joubert’s advance


The Austrian I Column secure the village on their army left flank, unfortunately things are going back on the Austrian right in the distance


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