Projects Completed (sort of)

Listing of Projects Completed (at least completed until I think of something I need to add)

Rorke’s Drift – 28mm Redoubt figures and buildings.  Skirmish level.  House rules based on 3W’s The Defense of Rorke’s Drift boardgame.  This game formed the basis of an article I wrote for Wargame, Soldiers & Strategy #33.  This was my first large project.

Peloponnesian War – 15mm Xyzton figures.  Based for The Perfect Captain’s Hiplomachia rules, which is the same as FoG, DBM, etc.  Forces include base Spartan and Athenian armies with various allies all included.

Russian Civil War in the East – 28mm Copplestone Casting figures.  This project was inspired by Copplestone’s figures and includes Reds, Whites, Chinese Warlords and troops of the Mad Baron.

Wars of the Roses – 28mm Fronk Rank figures.  The OOB is based on the battles of Towton to Bosworth, which specific heraldry for that period.  The Lance & Longbow Society publications were essential for this project.

War of Spanish Succession – 28mm Front Rank figures.  The OOB here is centered on the four Marlborough battles of Bleinheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde and Malplaquet.  Basing and mounting were patterned on the GaPa rules.  In particular the GaPa army books are outstanding sources for army organization.  However, we usually use Carnage & Glory II these days.  This game won the MillenniumCon10 Chapter Challenge.

Longstreet’s Assault – 15mm from a variety of manufacturers, including Scale Creep and Stone Mountain.  After Rorke’s Drift, this was our first real try at a dedicated battle board.  Using a scale based on Johnny Reb III, the table covers all of the area of Hood, McLaws and about 1/2 of Anderson’s attack on July 2nd at Gettysburg.  The game board was made from 1/4 inch fiber board using actual contours from the Desjardin Gettysburg map.  The how to is included in the photo gallery.  This game uses the Carnage & Glory II ACW module and has been played several times at MillenniumCon, including winning the Chapter Challenge Cup at MillenniumCon11.

The Battle of Waterloo – 10mm figures from GHQ and Bend Sinister.  The goal here was to follow up on the Gettysburg board with a game that covered the entire Battle of Waterloo with a contour battle board.  Table size considerations meant that a grand-tactical scale had to be used.  Units are regiments and the ground scale and basing conventions are taken from Napoleon’s Battles.  Carnage & Glory II’s Napoleonic Module is used for the rules.  The game has been played several times at MillenniumCon12 and won the Chapter Challenge Cup.

Over the Top – 28mm figures from Renegade and Great War Miniatures.  overthetop012  Through the Mud and the Blood rules are used in this game that has another of our dedicated battle boards. overthetop068 This board actually came about within just one weekend of work, mainly by cutting foam board insulation.  millicon121164

This game won the MillenniumCup12+1.overthetop023

Montrose at War – 28mm Eureka and Perry figures.  I would say “inspired by”, but this project was really copied from the Project Auldearn website.  Unfortunately Auldearn is not a great overall situation to game, largely due to the disparity in unit quality.  Our gaming of the actual battle using the Carnage & Glory II ECW module closely followed the outcome in the original battles – namely a Covenanter charge against a small Royalist force, quickly repulse and routed by Montrose counterattack.  These figs are really painted nice and we need to do more gaming with them.  A few units from this OOB have participated in a monster Marston Moor game at MillenniumCon.  Don’t hesitate to read Nigel Tranter’s books on Montrose, the Young Montrose and The Captain General; they are A+.

Drums Along the Mohawk – 60mm John Jenkins Designs figs.  This project is the result of making a bunch of money one month and having too like sense.  Just about every fig made by John Jenkins is included, so each side has over 100 unique men.  We used Muskets & Mohawks and the FIW version of Sharpe’s Practice at MillenniumCon for these skirmish level games.  We also have a really nice set of the outstanding 28mm Conquest figures done for our FIW gaming.

Napoleon in Italy – 28mm Eureka figures.  This is a really nice OOB.  The Eureka figs are great and very comprehensive.  Basically with the recent release of Austrian Uhlans and Hussars, and Russian Artillery, anything you want for the battles in Italy from 1796 to 1800 can be done.  Our French and Austrian OOB includes all the units that fought at Rivoli, plus the full 1799 Russian army that Suvorov brought to Italy.  All included, about any battle in Germany and Italy during the last half of the French Revolution can be played (if you don’t mind not have Austrians with helmets post-1797).

Project Montmirail – 28mm Perry, Calpe, Warlord and Victrix figures.  The current project on the front burner.  Full OOB for the battle of February 11, 1814.  Forces ultimately should allow recreation of many engagements throughout the War of the Sixth Coalition.

A few other projects that are basically completed, but awaiting flocking and final pieces, and pictures –

28mm Dark Ages – Viking, Saxons and Normans.  This is complete, just need photos.

40mm Dark Ages – Sash & Saber and Graven Images figures.  For old men with bad eyes playing Pig Wars.  This is complete except for the base cosmetics.

28mm Barons’ War – Curteys, Mirliton and Crusader miniatures, Fireforge plastics.  All the lead and plastics are on hand.  Give me another year on this one.

28mm Imperial Romans and Celts – The Celts for this project were the subject of an article we did for WSS #20.  This project still needs some finishing touches, but is basically complete.

20mm WWII – AB Figures.  This OOB involves about a company each of British and Americans, plus German forces from all branches, all individually mounted.  This project will be the basis for a game at MillenniumCon15 and involve an urban setting and V-1 launch site, and may be our next entry in the MillenniumCup Challenge.

28mm 1st Crusades – Perry and Musketeer figures.  This project is complete and really painted up well, but just awaiting some basing and paint touch up.

15mm Mid-Republican Roman Period – Warmodelling figures.  FoG armies of about 1800 points each are finished for Republican Roman, Carthaginian and Pyrrhic Macedoneian armies.  Still have to flock the bases.


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