Republican Roman – 15mm


Once I get all the things I want to sell posted, I will put out a notice and see who is interested.  I don’t have an asking price yet, but I’ve tried to estimate the cost to do each project from scratch, not necessarily what I will accept.

I prefer to sell all at once if I can.

These figures are Warmodelling 15mm.  My goal with this project was to build 3 competing armies in FOG basing that would be historically accurate to play against one another.  Thus I ended up with one Pyrrhic, one Carthaginian and one Republican Roman army.

I started out with basic FOG/DBx basing.  But with so many troops, I glued the bases of some.  I’m pretty confident there are enough figures to do about whatever you want.

All shields were hand painted.

Cost to build this project today is about $1.85/foot and $3.00/horse.

There are basically 4 Legions, plus horse and allies.  Each “legion” has 4 stands of Velites, 4 stands of Hastati, 4 stands of Principes and 2 stands of Triarii.  They are differentiated by shield color.

COMMAND STANDS (3 stands, 3 figures each)

ROMAN CAVALRY (16 stands, 3 figures each)

VELITES (16 stands, 2 figures each)

HASTATI (16 stands, 4 figures each)

PRINCIPES (16 stands, 4 figures each)

TRIARII (8 stands, 4 figures each)

ITALIAN ALLIED FOOT “Samnites” (8 stands, 4 figures each)