Wars of the Roses – 28mm


Once I get all the things I want to sell posted, I will put out a notice and see who is interested.  I don’t have an asking price yet, but I’ve tried to estimate the cost to do each project from scratch, not necessarily what I will accept.

I prefer to sell all at once if I can.

This is one of my earliest projects.  I was drawn to the period by the heraldry and thought of having individualized figures.  In the end, there are several personality figures in each command, the overall commander and one or more subordinates depending on the rank of the overall commander.  Thus Oxford would have more subordinates that Hastings.  The flags are all homemade.  They were scanned from various heraldry flags I purchased from Lance & Longbow Society, then individually cut, touched up and mounted.  The figures are individually based, but because I was using them for Cons, I glued the individual bases on movement stands.  I believe they can be removed without too much difficulty is desired.

There is a small group of individual spare figures that are for sale, but for the bigger units I would prefer to sell everything together (won’t do me much good to have only part of a WotR army).  There are the correct mix of units to be able to do about any WotR battle.

Ignoring the cost of the ton of material I bought, including what was used to make all the flags, I would estimate that the cost to build this project today would be $7/foot, $9/personality figure (i.e. heraldry surcoat), $14/mounted, $12/wagons, $5/livestock.

INDIVIDUAL SPARE FIGURES (20 figures) – for sale individually